Epoxy Flooring – A Detailed Guide

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Epoxy Flooring!

The term is a buzz word in the home décor and remodeling circles.

And if you are in one, you would probably know what that term means and how does it associate with other terms like Metallic Epoxy Flooring and floor coatings.

But if you don’t, It’s alright. Because you are not alone.

Many people first become aware of Metallic Epoxy Flooring through an image that they see on the internet of a stunning floor that looks stylish and unique. Some might come across them at a nice restaurant or showroom.

These full of sheen surfaces make one wonder about the material that is used, its advantages, and the cost-effective, as the floor at first look appears to be pretty expensive.

And that’s where this article chips in. Bear with me for this article, and you’ll find answers to all your questions.

So, let me start with the basics.

What is Epoxy Flooring, Anyway?

Epoxy Is a kind of protective coating that is chemically different from regular floor paints. It consists of a two-part epoxy system-a hybrid of polymer resins and hardeners, somewhat like epoxy glue. When properly blended, the epoxy resin and the hardener cohesively react with each other, resulting in a chemical bond between each compound and also with the floor. This chemical bond creates a rigid plastic material that is sturdy, resistant to damage, and extremely well bound to its substrate.

Epoxy Flooring, therefore, refers to a floor surface that is made of multiple layers of Epoxy applied to it with a depth of at least two millimeters.

Remember! There is a difference between Epoxy Floor Coating and Epoxy Floor. The main difference being the thickness of the Epoxy. Epoxy floors are actually epoxy coatings with a thickness of at least two millimeters. Epoxy floors less than two millimeters thick are usually referred to as epoxy floor coatings. 

So, What is Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

Metallic Epoxy is a specialized multi-layer epoxy floor coating method that involves the use of a metallic additive mixed in a transparent epoxy coating to achieve exotic effects. The metallic residue continues to flow through the Epoxy as it prevents the lava flow or the pearlescent effect. Because of this continuous motion of metal pigment, even floors using the same colors will never look exactly the same, making each floor absolutely special.

Finding a perfect layout that fits Warehouses, Garages, Malls, and Even Houses is definitely a tall ask. And when you’re spending money on floors and walls for decoration/protection purposes, some questions pester your mind about the cost-benefit ratio, pros, and cons of the material that you are thinking to install.

This brings me to a fundamental question;

Why Should You Opt for Epoxy Flooring?

Below are some of the best things about epoxy flooring that’ll make you fall in love with it. 

– Epoxy Flooring Has Aesthetically Seamless Appearance – Looks Matter

The shiny appearance of Epoxy Flooring is primarily its most attractive trait that alone makes them enticing to use. The epoxy flooring system adds an extra aesthetic value to your space as it offers several different elegant finishes – flake, metallic, and polished concrete.

We highly recommend Metallic Epoxy Floor coating for residential and commercial buildings as it embodies elegance and style with sturdiness and reliability.

Metallic Epoxy in your interior flooring is the perfect choice when decorating your floors. It comes in different colors and comes in a variety of themes and designs.

– Epoxy Flooring is Economical – Saves Time and Money

In comparison to conventional flooring options like hardwood and vinyl, Epoxy is a more affordable choice. Installing an epoxy flooring system is very cost-effective, not to mention, it saves a lot of money by not needing additional cleaning tools and products as stains and dirt can easily be managed on the metallic epoxy flooring.

The time consumed for in flooring larger areas such as warehouses, garages and industrial units with Epoxy is a lot less than the time consumed in using other materials like vinyl, marble, and concrete, etc.

Note. Depending upon the area to be floored, Epoxy flooring takes 3 to 4 times less time in finishing than other materials.

– Epoxy Flooring is Durable and Resistant – Stands the Test of Time and Germs

Being 8 times stronger than concrete floors, heat, water, chemicals, and cleaners stand no chance in harming the Epoxy flooring. Epoxy metal flooring is perfect for garages and warehouses since they are durable and resistant to chemical spills. In fact, they are known to be resistant to almost everything, you name it!

The volatile Organic compounds- free epoxy formulas used in Epoxy flooring makes it safe for homes as they do not let the floor release any chemical fumes, and toxicity. This makes them an excellent choice for homes, hospitals, and clinics as well for being resistant to germs and bacteria.

– Epoxy Flooring Protects the Underlying Floor Material

Whatever is the underlying flooring material of the surface, Epoxy flooring will protect it from moisture, cracks, grease, and stains. All you need to do is find a reasonably proficient installer that would install an active metallic epoxy protective layer.

– Epoxy Flooring Makes Cleaning Feel Like a Breeze

Simple Mopping gives the Epoxy floor a perfect metallic shine and cleans just about all sorts of dirt that may be present on the floor. The epoxy floors are highly scratch resistant; thus, are easy to maintain.

– Epoxy Flooring Comes in Huge Variety and Designs

Epoxy flooring gives people a chance to choose from a wide variety of beautiful patterns, designs, and elegant themes. You can pick the colors and designs that best compliment your place’s surroundings and environment.

Epoxy Floor Costs

Below is an overview of the average cost of Epoxy flooring.

  • Average Cost of Epoxy Based Concrete Coating

The 2-car garage floor would cost between $1,320 and $3,080, with most homeowners paying around $1,711 on a professional job.

  • Average Cost of Coating on Existing Floor

There is a price of $3 to $7 per square foot to cover an existing concrete floor, including the cost labor and materials. The cost typically depends on the number of layers you want to add, the Epoxy you choose, and the condition of the floor.

  • Average Cost of Epoxy Garage Floors

For Epoxy Average 12×22 foot one-car garage of 264 square feet costs $792 to $1,848. While  average 20×22 foot two-car garage with 440 square feet costs $1,320 to $3,080 and  $2,112 to $4,928  for 32×22 foot three-car garage with 704 square feet.


Garage Size Square Feet Average Cost
One Car 264 $792–$1,848
Two Car 440 $1,320– $3,080
Three Car 704 $2,112–$4,928
  • Average Cost of Metallic Epoxy Floor

The bigger the flake container, the lower the price per square. Ft. coverage. On average, only 4 lbs. should be enough for your 2-car garage.

  • Epoxy Flakes – $6 to $16 Lb. 

  • Metal Flakes – $17 per 12 oz 

  • Color flakes, including Metal tint, costs $35 per container-1 pint of 250 hp epoxy color system will tint their three-gallon kit. Darker colors may require two coats.

Parting Shot

The floor of your workplace or living area is the reflection of your choice, so look into the theme and color options. Gauge your budget, go ahead with the flooring, and enjoy the feel of elegance and perfection lying right under your feet! And It won’t be unfair to say that the choice of your floor is the literal derivation of the phrase ‘Walk the Talk.’

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